New year, new threats! Always stay informed and protected

New year, new threats! Always stay informed and protected.

Our company always look towards the future looking at various sectors of the market to anticipate in the most accurate way what will happen in the near and middle future with the fast evolving technology. This is helping us to prepare and design new and innovative ways of protection for our customers.

Everyone remember the iPhone launch a decade ago back in 2007, and how fast and incredible the devices evolved from there. Nowadays more than a third of the global population has a smartphone, and in some places like North America and Europe, the market is already saturated starting with Denmark where three-quarters of its people have a smartphone.

In 2018 significant numbers will be made in developing countries like India, China or Vietnam where the markets are huge and far away from saturation line.
This combined with the falling price of smartphones will generate a considerable number of people accessing the internet for the first time, and with them, more and more cybercriminals will have a much more array of pray for hunting.
We are sure that 2018 will be a year with new and evolved malware attacks and the numbers will be much more significant than 2017 and even 2016 and 2017 combined.

This is the reason why every user inside of cyberspace has to understand that in a space without any boundaries having your device protected by an antivirus like CyberByte - free download Mac Antivirus - free download Windows Antivirus is a must and necessity.
"Is as needed and important for a device as wearing a kevlar vest through a conflict zone, you never know from where and when you will be hit?" our CEO said.

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