Forever 21 just got hit. Don't pay for your clothes with your whole bank account!

Forever 21 just got hit. Don't pay for your clothes with your whole bank account!

Everyone remembers the significant data breach of Yahoo back in 2013 when 3 Billion users have been compromised followed by Disqus data breach where 18 Million users have been affected too.

Those two are among the most notorious data breach recorded in the cyberspace, but you may ask: are breaches like this over?
Our cybersecurity team has the answer!
A new year starts, and we had to report that if we look back at 2017, breaches like this are very present and one of the most notorious of them is the credit card credentials incident from Forever 21 clothing retailer store.

For eight months, from April 2018 to November 2018, multiple POSs inside various store locations of Forever 21 had been compromised by a nasty malware.
Our team took a look at this security breach and found that some POS systems had their encryption switched off, encryption which this famous retailer has adopted since 2015.
Once this encryption was off, two things happen after the malware attack.
First, the malware stoled credit card numbers, cardholder name, verification data and expiration date of every card used at infected POSs.
The second thing was more of a consequence of the retailer security measure that checked if a POS has encryption on or off and if the encryption was off an entire log of all transactions made in that store was created and stored in their systems. The malware searched the file and delivered it to hackers.

If you are a customer of this retailer clothing store, you probably ask yourself if you were affected and how you can find out?
Our top security analyst will advise you how to find out if your card has been compromised.
"You first have to check your bank account transactions for any suspicious and unauthorized payments, and if any fraudulent transactions are detected report them back to the bank and police,
to get your money back.
If no fraudulent transaction is spotted, but you had paid inside one of the retailer stores the best thing to protect your account is to change your card with a new one and deactivate the old one" our analyst said.

In this breach, in particular, only some stores were affected, the online store has not been breached, and all payments made there are secured. Even so, it is always a good idea to take care of yourself every day even in the cyber-space where everything can be breach sooner or later.
Remember to always make a payment online only from your mobile data connection or your secured WI-FI, never from public ones, and also remember that is a must to have just the top antivirus like CyberByte - free download Mac Antivirus - free download Windows Antivirus installed in every device that you own especially devices that contain sensitive and personal data.

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