Be aware! Almost all modern browsers are helping cybercriminals more than are helping you

Be aware! Almost all modern browsers are helping cybercriminals more than are helping you.

Do you use the build in password managers from browsers? If your answer is yes, our cybersecurity team has terrible news for you.
Recently we discovered that multiple ad campaigns are taking advantage of decade-old bug from inside every modern browser like Mozilla, Opera, Edge or Chrome.
AdThink and OnAudience ad campaigns are secretly using this bug to track over 1000 sites from Alexa's Tops.

The method is straightforward and for now doesn't have a patch, when a user access the targeted site one invisible login form running in the background is deployed tricking your build in password manager to auto-fill the forms without any user interaction.
Then the login details are sent to the advertisers and used in different marketing campaigns without users consent.
The problem is even more significant because passwords can be obtained in this way.
From the browsers mentioned above, only Chrome require user interaction before autofill the password. Because many of the emails remain the same, they are sent to Ad campaigns just after hashing them with MD5, SHA1 or SHA256 to create a unique id for every user which is used for tracking that person around cyberspace even when private browsing is activated.

Our top security analyst says: "For now there is no patch or technical solution for this problem and the best way to avoid this situation is to disable and use login credentials from your memory or third-party passwords managers, like 1Password.
Also it is best for every user to have on every device only the top antivirus like CyberByte - free download Mac Antivirus - free download Windows Antivirus because this method can be used very easy by cybercriminals and you can end up with a hijacked account."

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