Cybercriminals have a significant impact on crypto coin markets

Cybercriminals have a significant impact on crypto coin markets

Bitcoin is on everybody's lips and minds nowadays! Because of its huge price and volatile market, many good things had happened for some, but, believe it or not, some bad stuff happened to cybercriminals and law enforcement agencies also.

Fearing that bitcoin bubble will burst and the price will fall many cybercriminals owning bitcoin, especially from ransomware pays or from selling malicious tools over the dark web, have decided to move to other crypto coins like Monero, Ethereum, and Zcash. From this new move, new headaches for law enforcement agencies had been created because those three coins are very hard to track, making them very good at hiding record of transactions and crooks identities.

Our cybersecurity team just analyzed a new ransomware named Magniber, created by the same hackers behind Cerber ransomware family.
We found out that payments are the demand to be made in Monero, showing us that cybercriminals are moving along with the market, trying and experimenting new things that can work better for them especially when it comes to anonymity.

2018 will be a year with huge moves on crypto coin market, many coins will rise, and some will fall as well.
Because of the vast use of those crypto coins and ingenuity of many, a considerable number of new threats will appear as well.
Our top security analyst says that this day and especially those that will come will be more and more challenging. Every user out there in the cyberspace must protect himself and his data by keeping his devices always up to date, using good security habits, secure firewall, and a top antivirus like CyberByte - free download Mac Antivirus - free download Windows Antivirus software, like CyberByte Antivirus for Mac and Windows, on every device that is connected to the internet.

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