New Android malware app promoted on Play Store

New Android malware app promoted on Play Store

Our cybersecurity team just found another Android Malware available on Google Play Store, giving Google another slap to the face because of its inferior process of reviewing apps before they could be available to the public.
This malware is interesting because is written in Kotlin Programming Language, language that has been specially launched in May 2017 by Google for designing Android apps which were fast adopted by big names like Twitter, Netflix or Pinterest.

The fake app that was impersonating a Swift Cleaner has already infected around 5000 devices judging by its download number. The fake Swift Cleaner had a malware written inside its code identified as ANDROIDOS_BKOTKLIND.HRX by our cybersecurity team. The big problem here is that Kotlin was presented and design to offer safer applications development, ensuring developers that classes errors will be history and provide them the vast and secure connection between libraries of Android, internet browser, and JVM.

The malware embedded inside the fake app could and would hijack the entire device. During its first use, it connects to cybercriminals C&C Server uploading devices information then awaiting further commands from them. From what we saw all sensitive info could be stoled, and multiple operations can be done with the infected device.

The commands are received through Wireless Application Protocol is known as WAP, WAP is a standard for accessing information in a mobile wireless network. The malware is used for subscribing through SMS to premium services silently in click ad campaigns. This ends up in very high bill costs for the victim which will be subscribed to numerous services against their will, having all the data stolen as well.
Our top security analyst says that to avoid this kind of attacks done through various security breaches, it is imperative for every user to look for a reliable security option like a top antivirus software before downloading anything from the web.

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