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Amazing features to convince you
to use our malware protection software


Protecting you from behind the scenes – You will not feel it is installed on your computer, easy on the resources, like a protection software should be.


That combines behavioral heuristic analysis with powerful signatures database – the CyberByte™ Protection Engine delivers top of the line protection in an instant.


With ransomware cyber terrorists – keep your Windows safe and don’t ever end up paying for what is already yours.


The CyberByte™ Protection Engine not only detects the threat but stops it from spreading to other Windows machines.

About antivirus

The Windows is generally considered to be safe and secure, and there are a number of reasons why Windows are considered more secure than PCs, but there are plenty of risks that Windows haven’t managed to completely avoid.

We, at CyberByte, besides our security consultancy expertise, we study the malware evolution and we had observed that there has been a 120% increase in Windows malware.

This is the reason why we had developed the CyberByte Antivirus and Internet Security. The main goal of this product is to be able to be used by the home users even they have or not any vast computer knowledge.

Our malware protection will continuously look after your device providing the best security against viruses. Give us the chance to prove it by downloading the antivirus for your device.


Malware pattern database Ultra-fast & full power Optimized malware scan tool Active monitor protection

Why choose our piece of software

Our designers created a piece of art, with Easy-to-Use and Native interface design in mind. While is so easy to use, even for an inexperienced end user, it will offer its full power in order to identify and crush any malware found in your system.

1. We are a security company which provides security consultancy to many big companies worldwide and we take care of our customer
2. Our malware research team has personnel that has certifications in malware analysis and incident response
3. We update the malware patterns daily, based on which malware campaigns are active
4. CyberByte has an active protection shield which will alert you if you will download a potential malware
5. We offer quality customers support service for any cybersecurity-related problem

Its power comes from the following sources

Our malware research team, which is keeping an updated malware pattern database.

An ultra-fast and optimized malware scan tool.

A fast malware detection engine.

The active monitor protection, which is constantly monitoring your Downloads folder, in order to identify if a malware will sneak in there


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“All I really need to say is, “WOW!” This worked like a charm and was super easy. Remove all adwares and restore my web browser back to normal. This makes my Windows getting better. Amazing!”

Vincent Reyes

“Was having all sorts of frustrations with pop ups virus & being redirected to other sites. Downloaded – is running like new. Worked Perfectly!“

Tanya Alonzo

“Just did it, less than 2 minutes. Done! Been trying to remove this Offers4U for a week. With the app everything’s back to normal! Very effective, recommend!“

Diane Curtis
Our pricing

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We have two type of pricing to choose.



  • Malware Detection
  • Adware Detection
  • Update Malware Database
  • Customers Support reply time 24h

Yearly Package

  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Adware Detection and Removal
  • Update Malware Database
  • Premium Customers Support reply time 1 hour

The power of any antivirus comes from its malware pattern database.

A malware pattern database is a file that contains the signatures of malware that the antivirus can identify. A poor database means poor detection.

The scanning speed is also an important element. Slow scan speed means the time to complete a full scan is longer and your Windows resources are used at maximum.

At last, even if your antivirus software has a good database, it is useless if it does not have Active Protection. This feature is crucial because it is constantly monitoring your Downloads folder – this is the place where your Internet browser is downloading any file. If a potentially malicious file is downloaded, it will be identified by the Active Protection module and will report back to you.

CyberByte Antivirus and Internet Security development team thanks you for your attention and we hope that you will enjoy our product.