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You are afraid of me too I see… Drugs? Baby I’m your worse nightmare. I’m a
women with more brains than you could ever acquire. I’m 50, birth three
children at home without medical help and breast fed each on for two years. I
was a mid wife too. I know how to track an animal and hunt it down. I know how
to kill and have no problem with the sight of blood. My background scares the
hell out of people like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. They fear what they do
not understand. Just as you do.

I graduated with honors from college in multiple technologies as the only female
in my curriculum. When i go in to an interview for a job, I watch a boys crotch
to see if my technical answers cause his balls so shrivel up in a defense mode.
I could do that and I could also build and program computers, lasers and robots.
Women executives have said that I have to be the most powerful women in the
world to intimidate people like Bill Gates. I’m I arrogant? No. But when I
came under attack for no other reason than I was smart, I fought back. It’s my
civil right and duty to fight tyrants who would attack. I can do more in this
country with a female gossip network than any of you boys can do with your
computer system. We women think men are so stupid. After all I can go to
college and learn all your technology. But where does a man go to learn female
technology. You can’t. It’s all secret. And as long as women are
discriminated against and treated as inferior, they will keep everything a big secret.

Here is one of my interesting web sites.
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From: David Dorgan
To: [email protected]
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 4:51 AM
Subject: Hello Joan.

|Lady, that shit cracked me up so much
|I nearly burst a gut.
|I am just wondering if you are taking any medication
|Thanks for your time.