Togepi Wars:
this is my first computer animation, it took 2 months to make and requires realplayer. It features Togepi the cute egg shaped pokemon and his attempt to destroy Tokyo with a giant robot. He is challenged only by sonic.
"something has arrived". Microsoft is entering the console market and like every market they get involved in, it looks as if they are aiming for another monopoly. The X-BOX appears to out do every other console in every way. This is one to keep an eye on.
Togepi Wars 2:
This is currently the largest video on GoGoAnime. It’s the sequel to my first and highly popular movie "Togepi Wars". It loads faster and is much more impressive. Includes music from "The Matrix".
QTE title:
Shenmue is the most expensively produced game ever made, it even has its own arcade with working games =D. This is one of them which I found quite addictive. Just click on the buttons as they appear. could it be simpler?
aww, its my first flash video =). Its got no sound or very impressive graphics, but it loads quickly. Oh, and its about PS2 incase you hadn’t guessed.
Bill Gates:
Made this after a months experience with flash. Its about Bill Gates and his plans to launch X-BOX. Its my first flash video with sound and features music from "Star Wars". It’s an old video now, yet still one of my favorites, even though it was never finished >_<
Segagaga Trailer:
Sega have released a simulator.. about themselves o_O. In this game you take control of Sega in the 21st century. Indeed my friend, this is a game from the company who made the game about the company making games =/.
Chao Emulator:
Chao are cute creatures in sonic adventure that you must take care of, much like a tamagotchi. This is a small interactive flash video that lets you get the Chao to do different things. Enjoy =D
Sonic Adventure: ALL YOUR BASE:
The all your base phenomenon has spread all over the internet. I was inspired to make my own version of it. But if you would like to see the original (if you already haven’t) it can be found at
Coffee Machine (manga):
This is actually an 8 page manga I drew and scanned in. Thought it would be something original to but a comic in flash and I can draw much better on paper than I can in flash too =).
Rather simple video this. Its a new style i’ve tried to use in flash and only took me 2 days to make ^_^. Shows the hidden danger of dropping a coke can =/

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