Owner: Terry
Function: Provide shell accounts for xevion users and run an ircd
          which will be an irc server for the xevion networks.
IRC: Any action performed from a users account causing the hostname
     to be banned may result in a users account being revoked.
     Running clones off xevion.lost-in-cyberspace.com is the worst
     crime and any users doing so will receive a swift kick to the 
     balls, a testicle electruction and a bullet in the head.
Scanning: Some users of xevion.lost-in-cyberspace.com are techs that
     basically run the servers inside a company, in events like this
the scanning of their own company using /any method within reason/
(main restriction being users taking massive amounts of bandwidth).
Home users who scan dial-ups/companies or blocks of IP addresses
will be shot. 
Privacy Policy: All users are entitled to privacy, however
a log of commands may be kept and scanned every so often by
/automated/ scanners which will try and detect unauthorized scanning
(with some AI, renaming strobe or nmap etc , won't cut it, neither will
renaming + setting environment variables as the IP rage, so just don't try it)
. Other than /abuse/ users are fully entitled to privacy. Your mail will
never be looked through and your private files in your home directories
will only be looked at if is seen that they may be scanners or exploits.
CPU usage: Depends on how the first few weeks go, it may be advised
to run commands at night using batch systems, if this need arises
I will write a document and/or a script to automate most of this.
Network/Bandwidth Usage: Network usage is fine once you don't fire
out 100k a second for extended lengths of time etc... Also if 
traffic to what is now sponge increases, it will take priority,
this needs to pay for itself so the business takes priority and
bandwidth to xevion.lost-in-cyberspace.com may be limited (as a last
resort) so any abuse will just cause bandwidth limiting.
I/O bound tasks: Before running command which may tie up
the I/O going to the disks, network card or devices it would
be considered good manners to check some basic things like
the current load average or something more useful would be iostat
to check if it is currently in heavy usage.
This is subject to change at any time for any reason,
that is the law.